Glowing Heart Necklace Blue Lovespell with Key and Lock Charms April 09 2016

This is such an adorable glowing heart necklace! It features the blue lovespell glowing heart pendant with a little flying heart key charm, and a little heart shaped lock charm. The pendant is a hollow, puffy shaped heart. The top of the heart has little tiny heart cutouts, and the glow is illuminated from the inside through the little hearts, creating a magical effect! It is so cute with the charms which are removable, a little flying heart key and heart shaped lock. This necklace ensemble is silver plated copper alloy metal, the chain is 20 inches. Handmade in the USA. Buy here: necklace, key charm, lock charm There is also a matching bracelet! You can also personalize your necklace even more by adding a swarovski crystal birthstone, and add a gift box to make this a wonderful present for someone you love!