Personalize Your Glowies ™ with Charms April 26 2016

Over the past few weeks I have been adding a bunch of Charms to my Glowies Store for you to personalize your necklaces by adding a little charm or birthstone crystal and wanted to update my blog about it. Start by choosing a necklace you like in my Glowies Store, then decide on some charms. You can add crystals, maybe a fairy, or a moon charm! I have a large selection of charms and am always adding new ones! There are quite a few for "Mother's Day" I have cat charms, and even little heart locks and a tiny little set of keys. "I have always liked little trinkets and things to fidget with my jewelry, and these charms allow you to create your own enchanting personalized gifts either for yourself or loved ones." - Monique Lula By adding a Genuine Birthstone Crystal you can also create the perfect glowing birthday gift!

  You can add an angel charm or a gift box too!~ I have special charms for Best Friends, and even a Mother Daughter charm set too to create your own glowing necklace gift sets.

My goal is to allow you all to create unique personalized glowing necklaces to make your gift giving even more exciting and fun! I am even adding example necklaces to help get you started with ideas!