Mothers Day Glow Jewelry Gifts April 28 2016

This is a special time of year where we remember our own mother and grandmother, and maybe even celebrate being a mother ourselves. No matter the reason my goal here with my Glowies ™ store is to allow you to create personalized glowing gifts for that special someone in your life and for whatever occasion.

mothers day glowing heart of winter with mom heart charm

Featured above is a sample necklace with Glowing Heart of Winter necklace with optional "Mom Heart Charm" although you can add a variety of charms to this to personalize your glowies!

Mothers Day is right around the corner and I wanted you to be able to get the right gift in time. One great little addition I have available is simply to add a Birthstone Crystal to any necklace. You can add one for each of her children. I have done this for many mothers and it is a timeless and classy "Mothers Day Gift." I also have "Monique Lula" branded gift boxes available to go with your purchases.

All my jewelry comes with UV charging lights so you can charge the glow the very moment you give the gift which makes it very cool and surprising! Remember, all orders have tracking, delivery confirmation, and email notification when your item ships to be sure and safe your purchases arrives.

I even have Mother Daughter charm sets available for you to create necklace sets. And oh, don't forget Grandma can get a charm too!~

A few glow in the dark necklaces I have ready for "mom" is the Mom Charm Glowing Orb Necklace, the Birthstone Orb Necklace, and... There are Love you to the Moon and Back Gift sets ready to give.

Start by choosing a necklace you want to give and then add some charms to personalize the gift. I want you all to be able to have fun and be creative when ordering your Glowies ™ and this way you can pick and choose glow colors, necklaces styles, and charms!

Thanks so much! - ML