Shipping Times November 05 2014

Hi, during holiday season I am blessed with an abundance of glowie orders and also many questions about shipping times on my glowing jewelry.

Many of my items are "made to order" but some I try to keep in stock "ready to ship" to speed up my shipping times. Popular items that sell regularly I keep in stock and some color variations in my store are only made if you order. However, sometimes I may be out of a certain color when you order so I will make more that day or maybe all of my Heart of Winter necklaces were just restocked so they're "ready to ship!" Sometimes I may have 10 violet and out of green, so I will make more that night.

A common factor in shipping time is if you order more than one item and one is ready to ship and the other has to be made. If you need glowing necklace for a birthday or holiday please order with enough time in advance. Made to order items are started almost immediately upon order.

Regarding actual shipping times: I try to get all orders out 1 - 10 business days. If I have your item in stock it may ship the next day! If I have to make it, it may take me a few days to make depending on amount of orders and then a few days to process and ship. Shipping time can vary from state to state but usually takes 3 - 5 days once shipped in the US.

Packing and shipping my items takes me many hours every day in addition to the time of making them. Many of my items are made of glow glass or metal and all must be polished with cloths before being shipped out.

I wish I could keep dozens of every necklace in stock ready to ship, but I am a home based jewelry artist and work from a limited space and time.

All orders ship with tracking via the USPS with delivery confirmation and email notification when your package ships!

Thank you all so much for all the glowie love, I promise I am working day and night to get your package out and delivered on time.