New Frozen Glowies ™ October 22 2016

After the long journey of moving my jewelry studio from New Orleans to California, I promised I had some new work to show you all and here are some of my new frozen Glowies ™ some are rainbow some are glowing opals. Lots of fairies and dragons, owls and even Sugar Skulls!

Something for everyone I wanted to provide links to each so you can find them easily if you decide to order one of them!

Frozen Dragons are a great gift for guys and girls, any dragon lover will enjoy these.

Frozen Mermaids swimming beneath the watery surface glowing around your neck.

Frozen Key  is a romantic and tempting key that you can never use but always keep close.

Frozen Owl - I have always loved owls and enjoy using them in my work, symbol of wisdom

Rainbow Moon Fairy are the most magical glow necklaces glows in all colors, but also available in solid colors too!~

Fire Rose is a silver rose frozen forever just for you and glows unlike anything you've ever seen using my unique fire glow.

Sugar Skull glow necklaces are like candy!

Rainbow Dragonfly how could I not include a glowing dragonfly to wear and its in rainbow too!~

Purple Opal Kitty Cat is puurrfect for the cat lover in your life, or for you if you like cats!

All my items are handmade in my studio using high quality materials and non-toxic American grade supplies. All orders ship from California and are made with lots of love. Thanks for reading this far and hope you find one of my necklaces perfect for you. - Monique