Valentine's Day Gifts January 03 2017

During this time of year I begin getting items ready for Valentine's Day and I wanted to feature some glowing jewelry that would make a great gift on this special day. Many are gift sets, but you can create your own gift sets using my Gift Boxes to add to any necklace in my store, thanks!

red heart of winter glow heart necklace by monique lula

1. Heart of Winter Gift Set available in all my glow colors, includes uv charging light, instructions, glow necklace and gift box ready to give your loved one.

be mine for Valentines glow jewelry gift

2. Will you be mine? gift set glow necklace made limited edition for Valentine's Day. Has little red hearts surrounding this timeless phrase.

 love you moon and back

3. Love you to the moon and Back crescent moon glow necklace says everything you need to say when you give this glowing gift to that special person in your life, these are great gifts all year round.

love you moon and back with all the stars

4.  Love you to the moon and back and with all the stars is my own special version of this timeless phrase told by so many I wanted to make a necklace for those who say it.

red glow heart love spell necklace by Monique Lula

5.  Love Spell Heart Glow Necklace Gift Set ready with uv light and gift box. Available in all my glow colors not just red. You can get blue, green, purple too!~

red frozen glow heart necklace

6.  Frozen Heart Glow Necklace Gift Sets in all my glow in the dark colors, choose the best color for your loved one and I will make it in the color you specify at checkout.

red glow heart jewelry box

7. Red Heart Jewelry Trinket Box that glows in the dark will make it the ultimate gift this year. Place this magical heart shaped jewelry box with clear lid on your dresser and watch the magic when you turn out the lights at night your dresser or table will be glowing in the dark!

will you marry me proposal glow necklace

8. Will you marry me? Proposal glowie for those of you ready to pop the question this Valentine's Day!

If you are still looking for Valentine Gift ideas don't worry! I have hundreds of necklaces that could be given as a gift on this romantic day, such as my Enchanted Rose necklaces please browse all my items to find the right gift for you. You could also browse the Christmas Gifts blog entry for more ideas too.

There are lots of charms to personalize your gift too just pick out a few charms to make your order even more special.

Feel free to message me if you need any assistance finding the perfect item for your purchase. - Monique