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Glowing Mushroom Sculptures Batch #1


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My latest obsession is glowing mushrooms, and after a few weeks of creating, I finally figured out exactly how I want to create them and here are the first two. I wanted a very bright and glowing sculpture, with glowie crystal clusters to make them very magical. These take several steps to make and use lots of different supplies and methods, multi media sculptures. The one with the all blue cap has green glitter underneath it, and little moon and stars on the base. It is about five inches tall. The one with the purple stripe on the cap is about four inches and has a larger crystal cluster with purple tips. These need lots of sunlight or a large uv light for optimal glow. If you place one underneath a lamp it will get lots of light. Please note, the purple really needs uv light to glow, as in sunlight, to really pop the purple. I will include little uv light keychains with these, but you can also find larger flashlights online (money checker flashlights work). 

Both scupltures have little rubber feet so they do not rub against any surface and do not slide around. Keeps them right where you place them and protects them too. 

Price includes priority shipping and is based on all the supplies and methods it has taken to create these, in addition to lots of time and tedious work to get them just right and so I am able to create more. Will recharge and glow for many years to come. Made with durable epoxies and all non toxic. Handmade here in my studio New Orleans with lots of magic and love. Perfect for a bookshelf, near your crystal collection. Please note these are not a toy and should not be handled or played with by children. These items are handmade and slight imperfections are to be expected, although I try to make them as perfect as possible. :) Thank you for supporting my glowies.


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