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Blue Turquoise Howlite Moon and Star Glowie Dreamcatcher


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This dreamcatcher is almost ten inches wide, 21 inches long with a three inch chain at the top. I used blue howlite turquoise and lots of glass and stone beads (no plastic) on this lovely glowie decor wall art dream catcher. The web glows, and there is a swarovski star in the middle. I also added two real seashells I made glow and added a glowing "pearl" with sand. There are two large almost an inch in size faceted crystal balls at the bottom which will make rainbows when the sun hits it! So this is also a sun catcher. Vintage style mermaid charms, lots of starfish charms, and a moon and sun medallion charm in the middle. I hand wrapped the beads around the large ring also. And of course one large glow stone star and two crescent moons. This is such a lovely piece and is designed to look fabulous and will charge to glow for many, many years.

Place this in a sunny spot or if you are a real glow fan and have uv lights this charges up with the uv rays and will glow in the dark for several hours. Pics shown at maximum charge. I use modern glow technology that I have been obsessed with for a few years now making jewelry. Making glow in the dark jewelry for a decade now it was only a matter of time until the pieces became larger and turned into art. Follow me on facebook for more of this and my fun times in New Orleans. :)

There is only one of this style available at this time. I am about to move 2,000 miles back to New Orleans from California. :) Shipping is included in the price and will be sent with tracking and delivery confirmation USPS.

Thank you for supporting my glowie creations and Happy New Year. :)

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