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Monarch Butterfly Glow in the dark Wing Earrings on Sterling Silver Hooks


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Vegan friendly

Carefully and meticulously handmade butterfly wing earrings on sterling silver hooks.

These are cruelty-free not made with real wings and glows in the dark as you wear them outdoors in the sunlight you can go in a dim room or dark room and see the magic glow in the dark! Made with sterling silver hooks so even sensitive ears can wear them. Includes both left and right glowing wings ready to wear.

Inspired by the beauty and colors of the Monarch butterfly here are my first pair of glowing wing earrings. These take me quite a few hours of time over the course of a few days to make. Handmade with love and patience in my studio in sunny California.

Wings measures just over 2 inches and the entire earring is almost 3 inches in height.

- Genuine real Sterling Silver hooks
- Handmade in my California studio
_ Includes UV charging key chain light

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