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Raw Amethyst Rainbow Magnetized Hematite Glowie Beaded Stretch Bracelet

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Please note we are currently moving the studio and all orders will ship at the end of February. New exciting things in the future! Thank you for your patience and understanding. :)

I made these amazing glowie stretch bracelets with hand selected chunks of raw amethyst crystal. They are flanked by gorgeous metallic blue hex beads and rainbow large magnetized hematite beads. Added to this are the blue and aqua glowing glass and glow stone beads to create a magical glow you can wear on your wrist. I use top quality stretch cord and special knots with a tiny dab of glue so these are comfy and secure to wear. Charges with sunlight or uv light and glows in the dark so beautiful. Just wear and go about your day and you will see the magic when you step into a dim lit room. Handmade in my studio in So Cal.

Bracelets measure just over 7 inches. You will receive one bracelet.

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