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About Me

frozen galaxy heart by Monique Lula

Hello everyone! My name is Monique Lula and I make unique glow in the dark jewelry! I am the creator of the original Glow Lockets ™ I have made jewelry professionally for many years and have sold thousands of handmade "glowies" around the world!

When I was a child my grandmother gave me both a Glow in the Dark Rosary and the magic of Glow Fairy ™ and I make my jewelry to share the same feeling of love and magic! Anyone who has given my "Glowies" as gifts know exactly the feeling of giving someone something that glows the way my jewelry does!

I started making jewelry in my teens after highschool jewelry class and it has been a lifelong passion and dream of mine to make and sell jewelry. I have worked towards this my entire life and consider this my life's work.

We are located in New Orleans, Louisiana USA and have shipped my items all around the world, France, Canada, Ireland, Thailand, Tasmania, just about every country and region of the world, every state of the US and have been doing this for many years!

A little about my work history: In the 1990s I started my interior design and decor business, my work was sold through Cher's Sanctuary catalog, you can still find old copies, I am in there. I sold high end interior designs before moving on to what I do now.

I was involved in the interior design decor of the famous Crystal Room in Emeril Legasses' New Orleans Restaurant. I have worked for numerous celebrities, Cher herself loved my work and had my handmade velvet pillows on her couch in her living room.

I am an interior designer turned jewelry maker/artist. I have always been a professional artist. In my teens I had a summer job dog grooming, but after that I was hired as an artist at 19 and have been self-employed since the 1990s.


Why I Made The Glowies Store

I launched the Glowies Store to provide my customers with a direct shopping experience with the artist who creates the glow in the dark jewelry they wear daily! I enjoy interacting with the people who wear my jewelry and wanted to provide my customers a more rewarding direct approach to shopping online.

When you place your order with me you are in good hands! All my orders are tracked with USPS tracking and Delivery Confirmation.

You can always message me on my facebook, I am always around and enjoy working direct with you all to create these wonderful pieces.

You can email customer support at: glowlockets @

 Regarding The Safety Of My Glow Lockets ™ & "Glowies"

When I started making my glow jewelry no one was making pink glow, so I set out to make my own, however I intended to do so with non toxic methods. I use non toxic safe products made for skin contact and want you to know my work shop is a place where my daughter often runs in and out while I work and would never use substances that would harm her, our pets, or myself. My Glow Lockets ™ are made with jeweler-grade professional materials using the highest quality and brightest commercially available illuminescent technology that is both safe and used in the most sterile and scientific environments.

Adult supervision required.

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