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Is it safe?

Yes, I use safe non toxic jeweler grade material and components made for skin contact. Some of the glow I use is even safe enough for cosmetic and soap. My glow in the dark jewelry is created using American trusted suppliers, and I only use materials that are intended for jewelry. All items nickel free. Please do not wear in water.

How long does it last?

Glow times vary between colors and items, please wear outdoors as stated on the instructions on bright sunny day so your item can soak in the most uv rays. Green, aqua, blue, pink, orange, white are all long lasting glow colors that when exposed to direct sunlight can glow for hours! Green is the brightest and longest lasting. Now using longer lasting red. Violet needs a little more sunlight but glows beautiful true violet. If you order the violet please understand you must wear in sunlight all colors vary with intensity and brightness, green and aqua are brightest if you want bright order green. If you love purple order violet! Green glows for the longest and brightest, the purple and red much less! This is out of my control and is how glow works, thank you. 

I make so many items now in so many different methods and materials it is important for you to understand all my items glow differently. Some have a more subtle glow and some are more intense, some are illuminated from within, some are bigger and therefore inherently glow in varying degrees of intensity. This in addition with how the colors themselves glow times vary creates many different varieties of effects in my pieces.

When I started making my glow jewelry no one was making pink glow, so I set out to make my own, however I intended to do so with non toxic methods. I use non toxic safe products made for skin contact and want you to know my work shop is a place where my daughter often runs in and out while I work and would never use substances that would harm her, our pets, or myself. My Glow Lockets ™ are made with jeweler-grade professional materials using the highest quality and brightest commercially available illuminescent technology that is both safe and used in the most sterile and scientific environments. The glow will last well over a decade and as technology increases so will length of glow time.

Item is out of stock?

Some of the items I put on Glowies are limited so when they sell item remains sold out until I make more. However, my store now allows you to input your email on individual items and be alerted via email when that item is available again! It sends you an email within 60 seconds of me updating my inventory! Use this awesome feature to get first dibs on items that go in and out of stock. You can also add me on Facebook and you can see pictures when I add inventory!

Why buy from Monique Lula?

When ordering gifts online it is important to know who you are purchasing from. These days it is important to trust and feel secure when you are making a purchase online. It isn't a secret that there are some people selling things on the internet who are not honest. Some people may even have had a bad experience or two.  However, with my Glowies Store you are purchasing from a family-owned legal American business that follows all US laws. I ship with USPS tracking and delivery confirmation through the US postal system. In addition, ordering from America ensures you are not buying some toxic chemical on your jewelry. I use American jewelry grade glow that is safe for pets and children. I have been in business for decades selling jewelry before I was on the internet and consider this my life's work. I make and sell my jewelry as if it was to be worn by someone in my family and take pride in the jewelry line I have amassed. Thanks!

How do I get glowies to glow?

Instructions are included with each order and emailed with your order confirmation. The easiest way is to put on your glowie and walk around outside for a few minutes in direct sunlight. My Glow Lockets ® work off of sunlight. They are charged by the UV rays like any "glow in the dark" item, except I use professional jewelry grade so it glows really long and bright.
I do have UV lights in my store that charge your glowie fast and whether the sun is out or not! Great for evening events!

When Will My Package Ship? uses bulk commercial USPS shipping for all outgoing packages, and ships Monday - Friday normal business hours and no holidays. Bulk mail is closed Sat and Sun

Expedited shipping now available at checkout, this does not speed up creation time if your item has to be made to order, but once it ships will reach you in 2-3 day USPS priority US customers only.

If ordering for a holiday, birthday, or any special day like Valentine's Day, please don't wait until last minute, my Glowies store gets lots of orders and I recommend buying priority shipping.

Normal packages are shipped USPS First Class depending on where you live can take 3 - 5 days in the USA. Items ship from California.

Can I purchase and Have it shipped to a Friend?

Yes, you can place an order and input a friend's address to send a gift. No problem you just enter your billing address and enter a second address for shipping and the package will be sent to that address. Tracking will be sent to the email you place on file with the order.

How Do I contact you?

 There is contact info at the bottom of this page. Or Send me a message on facebook or you can email me too glowlockets @ Please allow minimum 3-5 days to respond, especially on weekends.

If ordering for a birthday or event, please order two weeks in advance and/or use priority shipping to help ensure it arrives in time.

My jewelry is handmade, it takes me many days to make them and I try to ship everything as fast as possible by keeping certain items in stock. For example, my Heart of Winter Forest glowing necklaces are made to order but since they are popular I try to have as many as I can ready to go as orders come in. Each item is handmade, tested, polished, packed, and shipped. This can take 10 or more business days during peak holiday season.
Many of the items in my shop are made to order, some are kept in stock so time will vary on items. However, once your item is made it takes 3 – 5 business days to process your order for shipping. I mail out over 100 hundreds of packages per month and my items are fragile and take time to pack. It takes me many nights to make one piece and I take packing them very serious as I do not want them harmed in transit.
You can also read this blog post I made Shipping Times

Do you provide tracking on packages?

All orders ship with USPS tracking, delivery confirmation, and email notification when your items are being packed and shipped! Email notification is sent via email to the address on your buyer profile and will contain tracking link. All packages have delivery confirmation to make sure your package was delivered.

All orders ship from California, USA.

"Shipping label was created but my package has not shipped"

Your shipping label was created for your package and its now being processed. Once your shipping label is created that means your package is going to be polished, tested, packaged, and then shipped. I do large commercial drop offs and pickups by the USPS and my outgoing packages are routed direct to the airport sorting facilities not the local post office. Many of my items are fragile and packing them takes many hours every day, during holiday times when orders increase handling time also increases. The process can take 3 - 5 days depending on amount of orders. I ship 5 days a week and provide tracking and delivery confirmation to make sure everyone gets their glowies.

"I tried tracking my package using the number you sent but it's not working"

The USPS tracking system is great, but it can take a few days, sometimes more for tracking to update as packages in transit go direct to USPS sorting facilities for processing and not just handed to the post office worker.  I ship hundreds of items per week and use commercial routes your package tracking will update once USPS picks up your package and its then sorted and scanned for check in, this can take a few days.

 My item has tarnished, can I polish it?

Yes, tarnishing is a natural occurrence from the oxidation of metals combined with daily stuff from wear such as sweat and acids. Just use a jeweler cloth or soft velvety cloth to polish. Do not wear in water.

 What type of metal do you use?

As a jewelry designer I use a variety of metals including copper, bronze, silver plating and even Sterling Silver. Solid silver items are clearly priced higher due to sterling silver quality.

Can I wear to Swim or Shower?

Unfortunately, modern water has chemicals in it that react with many metals, please do not wear to swim or shower.

My UV Light isn't working:

UV lights are very high powered LEDs that give off UV Rays, however the batteries in the little lights can and may need to be replaced if the light doesn't seem powerful. This can be due to use, or even heat from being kept in your pocket.

Chain broke while I was...

Unfortunately, during activity any necklace can be broken, the little jump rings or connectors bend if you pull on the necklace too hard or suddenly, this is not unique to my jewelry even the most expensive chains can be popped, so I offer sturdy replacement link chains in case that happens.

Returns and Refunds: No refunds, color exchanges.

Any Returns I do accept due to shipping damage for example, must be in original package and in NEW, unworn condition shipping with USPS tracking, delivery confirmation, and in bubble wrap type of mailer as shipped to customer. No color exchanges, and any custom color request items cannot be returned.

Restocking fees: there is a 35% restocking fee for all returns that are not due to manufacturer error. Items returned cannot be resold, I do not resell returned jewelry so it is a loss. You are responsible for any shipping and handling charges and shipping charges cannot be refunded. We can only refund shipping costs if the return is a result of our error or defective merchandise. If items have been worn or used they will be returned to the customer. Made to order or custom color request items cannot be returned.

How much is international shipping?

Due to recent fraud I will begin only shipping to countries with delivery confirmation via USPS. If you order outside of North America I only ship Global Priority Mail via USPS.
International country ship-to list: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France,Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, And Turkey. These are the only countries the USPS has delivery confirmation service with, I can only ship to these countries at this time.
Due to risk of mailing jewelry international, all international orders now ship with insurance and the cost is included in your shipping cost, thanks! Shop with peace of mind knowing your items are insured in transit. You get email notification with tracking links when item ships.


Shipping to Canada is $15 with insurance included. Canada has great tracking and delivery confirmation via USPS order with confidence it will arrive.

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