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Monique Lulas Blog

Glowing Ocean Vibes for Summer

With the temps outside today, it is definitely Summertime here at Glowies! That New Orleans heat is knocking on our door. Time to cool off and find inspiration in some summery themes and fashion.

In warm weather, we celebrate the ocean and all things mermaid! See some of the glowing jewelry and art I have created in these themes:

Glowies Mermaids

Glowies Turtles

Glowies Ocean

Glowies Seahorse

Glowies Octopus

Glowies Seashells

I would like to welcome everyone and let you know I have been super busy on social media. I used to update more regularly here but it is not seen as much as my page at

I post daily on social media and if you use it I invite you to follow me and see all the inspiration and creative content I post, and all my Glowies promotions. Thanks a bunch for following my journey!

Find me on Facebook on my main page:

Glow Lockets by Monique Lula

Glow Lockets Instagram

Halloween Long Beaded Necklaces on Sale

I have five left of these one of a kind, long beaded necklaces. I made these for Halloween last year! Most of them sold but this is what remains. Seems a good time for a sale as I make room for more Halloween Glowies!

All have a variety of glow colors and Halloween themed beads and charms. Made with high quality American made antiqued silver plated brass chain and adorable heart shaped toggle clasps. A beautiful statement and these have such a fun and boho look and feel. Beautiful with a witch costume or jeans and a tshirt! Either way you will love your new Halloween Glowie necklace. Links below pic. Thanks for supporting our Glowies!

From left to right:

Long Halloween Glowie Necklace #2

Long Halloween Glowie Necklace #3

Long Halloween Glowie Necklace #7

Long Halloween Glowie Necklace #9

Long Halloween Glowie Necklace #10

see our latest Halloween Glowies Decor and Jewelry at


90s Celestial Inspired Collection

I grew up in the 90s and have always been fond of the deep blues and golden topaz colors of the celestial decor and fashion that was so popular in the 90s. I love the colors and look with a vintage and boho feel, and decided to do a collection inspired by these designs. It came out lovely with many one of a kind items and some I will probably remake eventually. Thanks for supporting my Glowies and check it out here:

How to Follow my Facebook Glowies Page

Here is how to follow my page

Sometimes Facebook resets your page follow settings, so it is important to check them and make sure they are set correctly so you get my posts in your feed, especially for the giveaways! Here are some graphics and three easy steps to do this.

1) Make sure you are following the page. Tap the three little dots on the right. This will open a menu (the graphic in step 2 is the menu).

2) Tap the word "Following." This actually opens the settings.

 3) Make sure you check "Get Notifications" and that there is a blue check there. Then select "Favorites" on the left. Make sure your settings are saved and you and good to go!


I check my own settings a lot to see posts. And remember to click like on posts you see and also leaving a comment three words or more will help the algorithm know you want to see content from this page. There is so much to see on Facebook these days it is easy to miss things you want to see. I hope this helps and thank you for supporting my Glowies! See you at 😊

For the Love of Glowies

This is what my work table looks like lately. Dreamcatchers! I like to call them Glow Catchers. In addition to Glowies Jewelry I have been making and selling glowies art for a few months now. It feels so wonderful to branch out from jewelry, which is my first love, back into decor. Some of my first ventures as a designer in my early twenties, I was making pillows for Barneys New York. I was a working and self supporting artist, but I was also young and much more wild, and learned a lot of things the hard way! More about that later. I have really wanted a place to write a little, to talk about my design life, and to show off my current work. Here it is! 

I have learned a lot by moving into decor recently, and first being that it definitely takes me a lot of time to make one thing. And that a lot of people will want that one thing, and ask if you have more, and well I do not. But I can take orders, and then comes the question I have to ask myself, "do I have all the parts to make another of these?" And often the answer is no, and then I find myself searching the internet trying to locate more doodads and well.... it all just takes so much time. I am having to work smarter than ever, so it has occured to me to take a new approach.

I am going to attempt my first big sale, it will be on June 13th, and I will announce the time soon! In the meantime I will be making and posting the items I will have in the sale. Thanks so much for supporting mu glowies!

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