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Frozen Dragonfly Glow Necklace

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Every year my backyard is filled with dragonflies buzzing around and I have been inspired by their beauty for many years. An adorable little silver dragonfly frozen surrounded by my magical rainbow glow!!  The dragonfly is inside the stone. Unlike anything you have ever seen. Surrounded by reflecting rainbows and colors from the glowl.  Handcrafted in my pristine Glowies ™ Studio in California using the finest materials here is one of my frozen owl glow necklaces.Measures 3/4" inch little square pendant on link chain.

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Using my one of a kind rainbow glow in the dark I created a stunning and wonderfully magical Frozen Dragonfly glowing and illuminated reflecting rainbows of iridescent light beams as you move and twirl in both light and in the darkness! Must see to believe the depth and clarity of each piece meticulously designed and created in my studio.

Dangle your Glowies ® from your bedpost and it will glow in the dark though the night!

Due to the time it takes to create these lovely pendants by hand these are Limited Quantity and are only available as I make them and if I have them in stock. Listing will display "sold out" when item sells.

"Thank you for looking at my handmade art and considering wearing my work close to your heart. I appreciate it more than I can ever write in these words. I make each and every piece, by hand in my studio with lots of love!   - Monique Lula

I chose the rainbow iridescent theme and using the rainbow glow reflection behind the dragonfly looks wonderful even in the dimmest of lighting. Any who loves dragonflies will adore this for years to come, hang it near a light in your room to gather UV rays during the day and it will glow in the dark while you sleep.

Delicately and professionally handmade by Monique Lula in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! The little glowies store that started the whole trend!

Add genuine birthstone crystal to this necklace to personalize your Glowies ™

Is this a gift? Add a Gift Box. You can also add some charms to personalize your purchase.

Looking for something different Browse All my items or check out my Limited Edition glowies.

When ordering from You are ordering from an American based family owned business directly from Monique Lula. Your order is safe and secure and we use tracking on all orders to make sure your items arrive safely. When ordering online it is important to know who and where you are ordering from and want you to know my Glowies Store is a legal US business, and appreciate your order tremendously and want you to return for future gift purchases. My glow in the dark jewelry is both shipped from and made in the United States with email notification and delivery confirmation.

Comes with a Free UV Light so you can charge your necklace anywhere whether or not the sun is out. Delicately and professionally handmade in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! Wear in sunlight for glow in the dark. I only use Non toxic American made jewelry grade glow and materials made for skin contact. All orders ship with tracking and delivery confirmation. You also get email notification when your item ships

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