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Enchanted Orb Glow Locket with UV Light

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Enchanted Orb Glow Locket ™. Available in antiqued silver and bronze   Also comes with UV light. Comes with 1 orb

I cannot tell you enough how amazing these little glow in the dark orbs are! Handmade and 100% non-toxic, they are kept safe inside this gorgeous vintage style ball locket on a 24" matching chain.

The orbs are smooth and beautiful, pale colorless when not glowing. Charged up in sunlight, UV light, flourescent or a bright indoor bulb (sunlight is absolutely best) they glow in the dark for several hours. The smooth round orb is one of my deepest fascinations. The glow is so beautiful and I have slept with them under my pillow and woke up in the middle of the night to find them glowing bright like a little supernatural trinket. Absolutely amazing and you will want them in all the glow colors!

I have developed my own special recipe using the best professional grade supplies and the brightest commercially available glow to create amazing glow jewelry. 100% non-toxic and safe to wear. I use a new type of light excited luminance material that absorbs and stores energy of various ultraviolet and visible light spectrums, and releases that energy in the form of bright light, and glows in the dark.

Charge this orb in the sunlight, or a bright bulb, and it will glow bright for several hours. It will even glow in dim lighting with a good sun charge. The glow will gradually fade until recharged. Wear the glow and experience the magic. So much fun!

Handmade in my home studio down here in New Orleans. :)

Made to order.

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