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Moon and Star Charm Galaxy Glow Aromatherapy LavaI Beaded Stretch Bracelet


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I found the most wonderful blue and purple lava beads! They are great with a drop of essential oil, and they become an aromatherapy or perfume bracelet and wearing it will accelerate the scent next to your warm skin. They are fabulous! 

Paired with either blue or purple glass galaxy glow beads, these comfy stretch bracelets are made with top quality stretch cord, tied with a special knot and a dot of glue to ensure they last. I added a little starry moon charm to make them so cute.

Measures between 7 and 7.5 inches. Lots of stretch and slides on and off easily.

You are purchasing one bracelet for $25 each.

These glowie bracelets charge easily in the sun or most light sources, and are so fun to see glowing on your wrist. 

This item ships free in the USA! Thanks so much for supporting my Glowies!

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