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Bat Charm


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Add a "Bat" charm to any necklace or bracelet in my Glowies ™ store. Just a cute little bat, hanging there,... you know minding his own business. I have always liked bats, since I was young. My grandmother for some odd reason liked them and taught me not to fear them but that they were kind of like birds of the night they would gather in the trees near her house and you could hear them at night, those memories have always inspired my jewelry in ways. Goes great with my other spooky charms to create cool glowing necklaces to match your style. While perfect for Halloween, these are worn by my friends all year round.

Great for Vampires too!~

* Shown on example Frozen Glowing Heart not included

Can be used for necklaces, bracelets, anything you can slide the charm on! Comes on nice big jump ring that can slide on or off any necklace in my store.

Also add genuine birthstone crystal to this necklace to personalize your Glowies ™

Is this a gift? Add a Gift Box. You can also add other charms to personalize your purchase.

When ordering from You are ordering from an American based family owned business directly from Monique Lula. Your order is safe and secure and we use tracking on all orders to make sure your items arrive safely. When ordering online it is important to know who and where you are ordering from and want you to know my Glowies Store is a legal US business, and appreciate your order tremendously and want you to return for future gift purchases. My glow in the dark jewelry is both shipped from and made in the United States with email notification and delivery confirmation.

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