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Mermaid Tear Teardrop Glow Locket™


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This is the teardrop caged style glow locket™ pendant, so pretty and goes with everything! This listing is for the *colorless* in daytime styles, with a choice of glow colors: Aqua,Blue, Green or Violet.

Elegant silver teardrop cage style locket measures about a half inch wide by inch tall and comes on a 20 inch silver plated link chain with lobster clasp. These are beautiful and very elegant glowies! They are colorless and shiny silver in the daylight, and charged up to glow in the sun or uv/flourescent light they will radiate a gorgeous true blue color in the dark, and even in dim light. You have to wear to experience the magic. :)

Which color to choose? Well the brightest and longest glowing is the green and aqua, followed by the blue and then the violet.

*** The violet is very special and needs ultra violet light to get that gorgeous color which means direct sun is needed to charge it, no windowsills. *** An ordinary light bulb will charge the other colors but not the violet. Those uv nail lights work too or a blacklight also works. Green, aqua and blue charge much easier than the violet, but my purple lovers out there do prefer the violet glow! If you are looking for something super glowie and charges easiest try the aqua, green or blue!

100% non toxic these can be recharged for many years. I only use glow materials from a US based company who certifies non toxic! We also have the uv lights to charge this up anywhere, so magical!~

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