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Glow Lockets ® & Glowies ™ Instructions

These instructions are for glowing jewelry made by Monique Lula of

Hello, I am Monique Lula, the original creator and designer of Glow Lockets ® glowing jewelry as seen around the world. For many years I have handmade glowing jewelry and want to make sure those who wear it understand how it works!

My jewelry is intended to be worn outdoors. Sunlight makes my jewelry “glow in the dark.” Meaning after being “charged” and taken into darkness, can be seen glowing. The best way to “charge” the glow is to take the item outdoors and the UV (ultra-violet) rays from the sun will make make your item glow in the dark. Some modern windows in both cars and homes block UV so it's best to actually charge the necklace outdoors. Some indoor lights charge the glow, but most do not and definitely not as good as the sun! I also include UV charging lights with my Glowies so that when you receive your item in the mail you can instantly get it to glow right then and there, even if the sun is not out.

Glow colors vary in intensity and duration of time they glow. My glow in the dark jewelry is handmade and each item is made using different methods and supplies so from item to item you may experience differences in intensity and/or brightness, this is natural and how glow works when used in tangible art form such as jewelry. While the glow is an integral part of my work, I make jewelry so it's intended to actually be worn, not put under a light, as you venture outdoors in bright sunlight the necklace will gather UV rays and charge the glow in the dark.

Regarding “glow times,” Green is always the brightest and longest lasting, followed by aqua , blue, white etc,... however red is unique and items like my red orbs do not glow as long or as bright as the green ones. Purple is a lovely color but glows best with a heavy dose of sunlight, it likes lots of uv rays to reach its full color spectrum. If you are concerned about the brightness of items, always buy green or aqua, you will experience the best glow with those items, but again all vary, please keep this in mind if you purchase different pieces and one glows different than the other, the way in which items are made does effect glow.

Any other questions I have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page which I try to address common questions, thank you so much for your interest in my Glow Lockets ® - Monique Lula

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