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Articulated Glow in the dark Snake 3D Print


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Glow Snake 18.5 inch - made using expensive rainbow glow and took 22 hours on my 3D printer. Priced to cover the electricity and material used.

Only 1 available, as shown in photos,  listing will display "sold out" after purchased.

Each 3d Print created in my studio is unique due to the way these are 3D printed so you are getting the item you choose when you add to cart.

This is an articulated snake which is sort of a fidget toy that can be posed and played with in fun ways. Put on a shelf or on your desk and make wonderful gifts. Not only are they fun but my snakes are made using biodegradeable and environmentally friendly which is important if you give these as a gift or have pets.

Made and ready to ship as shown. I included some photos of it being made so you can see it was made in my studio.

I am a licensed MatMire authorized seller. Also, not intended for small children, it can be broken and a small piece can be a choking hazard so I must include this warning.

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