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Black Cat Victorian Glow Glass Oval Necklace


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I make this in two styles, one is the "sitting cat" and the other is "stretching cat." You can see in the pictures the difference, one is just sitting up like a cat and the other is leaning forward and stretching.

These are a limited quantity item so order yours today while In stock. When all are sold, this listing will display "sold out."

These are high quality made on Victorian silver setting and measures about an inch. Glows nice and bright green.

The glow stone in this is glass with the cat inside so it looks marvelous from all directions and can polish it to a shiny glass surface.

Orders on include a UV charging light keychain so you can get this item to glow in the dark as soon as you receive it, even if the sun isn't out at the time. Use the UV light to make it glow at night too!~

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