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Blue Bayou Beaded Glowie Bracelet


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I grew up in Los Angeles and spent lots of time growing up at the magic kingdom, Disneyland, and Pirates of the Caribbean was always my favorite. If you have been on the ride you may have noticed the restaurant in the ride right after you float past them in the beginning. It is called the Blue Bayou. And yes there are lots of animatronic fireflies in there. 😂 And it is always still so magical, in this magical recreation. I also lived in Louisiana for many years and spent time near real bayous. So I decided to name this bracelet Blue Bayou and it reminds me of all these things.

I use top quality stretch cord and a special knot. So easy to slip on and off and comfy to wear. Adjustable size fits most. These are all stone and glass beads and the glow will recharge many years! Ships from my studio in California with tracking and delivery confirmation.

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