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New 90s Celestial Inspired Collection

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Dragon Castle Wire Wrap Bracelet


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The Dragons spiritual energy encompasses the primordial natural forces on all planes of existence. There has always been a sense of mystery tied to dragons and are often used to symbolize the ability to rise over circumstance and see things more clearly with aged wisdom. May this bracelet help guide you along the winding path to the Castle of your Dreams.

Here are the types of Dragons used in this bracelet and their meaning:

  • Fire Dragons Aid in Self-Mastery, creativity, mental awareness, and leadership.
  • Water Dragons Help you focus and help you strengthen your mental abilities to steer your ship towards those new goals.
  • Earth Dragons Bind you to Nature and allow your inner spirit to balance with this world and the elements and provide stable ground to face problems with wisdom and determination.
  • Air Dragons Assist you in guidance toward a greater perspective as her wings wrap around and fly you past the moon unbridled by this world's gravity and worry. You may find yourself with a new way of looking at the world.

I have 1 made and ready to go in stock!

If searching for your Spirit Animal and you find your way to Dragon, Dragon Energy has always been about healing and power stones. Dragon Spirit is drawn to people of intellect, dignity, contagious enthusiasm, and authority. Dragons can guide us towards brilliance and even enlightenment. It may even hep you find your way on a lost path.

Dragon is a rare spirit animal but very powerful so don't be surprised if you find yourself intimidated by your new friend. He/She comes to you with good cause and will help you find your purpose. Dragons do not give up their secrets easily, so be witty and courageous.

This style of bracelet wraps around your wrist multiple times and has no clasp, you just wrap it on and go! Very strong and sturdy and will not pop or break.

- Fun and magical to wear
- Handmade in USA
- Includes uv charging keychain light.

Delicately and professionally handmade by Monique Lula in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! The little glowies store that started the whole trend!

Add genuine birthstone crystal to this necklace to personalize your Glowies ™

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When ordering from You are ordering from an American based family owned business directly from Monique Lula. Your order is safe and secure and we use tracking on all orders to make sure your items arrive safely. When ordering online it is important to know who and where you are ordering from and want you to know my Glowies Store is a legal US business, and appreciate your order tremendously and want you to return for future gift purchases. My glow in the dark jewelry is both shipped from and made in the United States with email notification and delivery confirmation.

Comes with a Free UV Light so you can charge your necklace anywhere whether or not the sun is out. Delicately and professionally handmade in my smoke free jewelry studio in California, USA! Wear in sunlight for glow in the dark. I only use Non toxic American made jewelry grade glow and materials made for skin contact. All orders ship with tracking and delivery confirmation. You also get email notification when your item ships

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