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Gender Reveal Glow in the dark Locket


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With gender reveal baby parties being a thing, I came up with a simple and fun glow in the dark necklace that can be used to reveal the gender of your baby!

If for any reason you would like a color other than blue or pink for your reveal, just put a note on the order or email/message me! @ glowlockets @ gmail

Simply wear outside in direct sunlight or use UV light to charge the glow, go inside in the dark and the glow color will reveal the gender, either pink or blue!

I use secret glow colors that have no daytime color but when charged will glow bright pink or blue in the dark! No lights needed sunlight works fine unless it is a cloudy day. All it needs is direct sunlight for a few moments, you can walk to the mailbox and back and that is enough if the sun is out!

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