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Glowing Ocean Heart Real Seashells Glowie Pendants


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New batch of hearts added!

Like seashells on the edge of the shore on a sunny day at the beach or by the pool. Made to calm and encourage your mind to wander like ripples in the sea.

Blue, Aqua, & white random ocean beach inspired glow heart necklace handmade in my studio. Shown in natural lighting to show the beautiful colors. These hearts are created one at a time in my studio and Measures 34mm or 1 3/4" inches.

Choose the heart you want and add to cart. Once you purchase it no one will be able to order that heart and it will display "sold out."

This is a new style of heart design made with real seashells combined with gorgeous water inspired glow colors and tones. It is a perfect heart shape with glossy smooth surface and radiates glow from within as you venture from daylight into darkness.

Comes on 18+ inch link chain. Includes UV charging keychain light.

This is the first batch I have made like this but I will try to make more in the future and list them if possible, for now these are the only pieces I have like this. Choose the one you want and it will be the exact heart you order.  The way these are made is a difficult process to replicate or duplicate so each design is unique one of a kind. My plan is to offer these in various colors and styles and offer the choice on this page, thanks!

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