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Handmade Rainbow Cupcake Charm Bracelet


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Now available in purple glow cupcakes! No need to worry about size, the length is over 7 inches and you can clasp it anywhere and the end dangles like an extender like shown in the photos! If you need it made a certain length for young wearer please just include a note on your order with length desired.

Only 1 in stock this is a unique random item, will remain out of stock once sold until I make another one.

Each cupcake charm is handmade in my studio. I had some cupcake charms and decided to put together this adorable charm bracelet with rainbow colors of glow in the dark.

Features enamel 3D cupcake charm in addition to 5 glow in the dark cupcake charms in variety of colors from purple to pink.

- Includes UV charging keychain light
- Handmade by Monique Lula with lots of love

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