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Heart of the Fairy Glow Locket Steampunk Magic Wings


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By special request, and made to order, here is a little heart locket with little bronze fairy charm! Steampunk and vintage style filigree locket measures about an inch across. Lockets open! The magical, non toxic glow is inside.

Available in antiqued bronze only.

The little tinkerbell fairy charm will be in bronze and this will come on a 24 inch matching ball chain.

Fairies are by nature very sensitive and emotional little beings, and while they might be small, their hearts are very big! The Heart of the Fairy has a beautiful glow in the dark and even in dim lighting when charged in sunlight or uv light. Wear this enchanting heart locket and experience the glowie magic!

100% Non-toxic, charge up in sun or uv light and glows for hours. 10+ year life. Professionally made with top ingredients here in our New Orleans studio with 20 years jewelry making experience.

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