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Lula Moon Glow Necklaces Batch #2


Sold Out

One of a kind random design crescent moon glow in the dark necklace handmade in my studio. Shown in natural lighting to show the beautiful colors. These moons are created one at a time in my studio and Measures about 38mm in height, and 36mm wide.

#1 - Moon on left
#2 - Moon in the middle
#3 - Moon on the right

Choose the moon you want and add to cart. Once you purchase it no one will be able to order that specific pendant and it will display "sold out."

This is a new style of moon design I named after my daughter. It is a perfect moon shape with glossy smooth surface and radiates glow from within as you venture from daylight into darkness.

Comes on 18+ inch link chain. Includes UV charging keychain light.

This is the first batch I have made like this but I will try to make more in the future and list them if possible, for now these are the only three I have like this. Choose the one you want and it will be the exact moon you order.  The way these are made is a difficult process to replicate or duplicate so each design is unique one of a kind. My plan is to offer these in various colors and styles and offer the choice on this page, thanks!

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