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Purple Jade and Frosted Agate Lava Beaded Aromatheraphy Bracelet


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I just love purple, and really love purple beads! So I snatch them up when I see them. I have a nice collection of purple beads! This design uses some of them.

This bracelet features these gorgeous matte finish purple vein crackle beads, delicious shiny purple jade, purple lava beads and soft lavender glass galaxy glow beads. I also used little purple rainbow coated hematite spacer beads to give the design a special touch. This is such a perfectly purple lovers bracelet!

Apply some essential oil to the lava beads and they will absorb it, creating a wonderful piece of aromatherapy jewelry.

Agate is linked to the element of wind, and has healing
properties for those overstimulated. It vibrates on a low
and gentle frequency and has a low and gentle healing
quality. Agate will bring harmony to all aspects of
spiritual and emotional beings. Some believe it can protect
you against natural disasters.

Jade: Jade has a nourishing energy that can feel very
healing. It can help purify your energy field with love. It
is a stone of protection and purity. Jade is useful in
dream solving, and helps bring closeness to the spiritual

A grounding stone that can help to strengthen your
connection to Mother Earth. Lava can bring positive changes
and some believe it can enhance fertility. When a drop of
oil is placed upon the lava, it can bring many positive

The Glow:

I use a phosphorescent material from the earth with
qualities that allow it to absorb and release light, which
is visible in dim or darkness. Completely non toxic, the
glow will recharge with uv light from the sun for many
years. The light will be absorbed and slowly released,
bringing energy and happiness all around you.

This bracelet is designed to be stackable and worn with
other similar style bracelets. So much fun to see the glow
on your wrists! They are my favorite.

Just wear in the sun, and the uv lights will charge the
glow. All non toxic and will recharge for many years. I
use top quality stretch cord and special knots plus glue
to make this a comfortable and easy wearing bracelet. When
you see the glow on your wrist, it is so magical.<3

-7 inches and fits most wrists
-Top quality stretch cord
-Special secure knot + glue
-Semi precious gemstones
-Rechargeable glow in the dark beads
-UV charge light included

This will ship from my studio with tracking and delivery
confirmation. Ready for gifting or just to soothe your
soul. Thank you for supporting my little shop, it means
the world to me!

You will receive 1 bracelet.

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