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Venus Flytrap Pumpkin Halloween Decor


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I absolutely adore Venus Flytrap plants but have not had much luck keeping one alive! I have recently started creating floral arrangements for fun and it did not take long for me to start making some VFT designs!

I used floral supplies to create this cute Venus Flytrap Pumpkin decor piece. The lightweight pumpkin has a foam core and looks lovely with faux pothos leaves and Venus Flytrap plant. I filled the mouths of the plant with crystalline glow in the dark, so they look like little shiny druzy filled wedges. UV light charges the all non-toxic glow crystals and they emit an eerie green color (which can look different depending on the lighting). Will recharge and glow for many years!

I spent many hours getting this to look just right. It is so cute, I just love it. Perfect for your seasonal Halloween decor. 

I also have the Pastel Gothic Venus Flytrap plant on blackened pumpkin.

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