For the Love of Glowies May 28 2019

This is what my work table looks like lately. Dreamcatchers! I like to call them Glow Catchers. In addition to Glowies Jewelry I have been making and selling glowies art for a few months now. It feels so wonderful to branch out from jewelry, which is my first love, back into decor. Some of my first ventures as a designer in my early twenties, I was making pillows for Barneys New York. I was a working and self supporting artist, but I was also young and much more wild, and learned a lot of things the hard way! More about that later. I have really wanted a place to write a little, to talk about my design life, and to show off my current work. Here it is! 

I have learned a lot by moving into decor recently, and first being that it definitely takes me a lot of time to make one thing. And that a lot of people will want that one thing, and ask if you have more, and well I do not. But I can take orders, and then comes the question I have to ask myself, "do I have all the parts to make another of these?" And often the answer is no, and then I find myself searching the internet trying to locate more doodads and well.... it all just takes so much time. I am having to work smarter than ever, so it has occured to me to take a new approach.

I am going to attempt my first big sale, it will be on June 13th, and I will announce the time soon! In the meantime I will be making and posting the items I will have in the sale. Thanks so much for supporting mu glowies!