Glowing Ocean Vibes for Summer June 17 2023

With the temps outside today, it is definitely Summertime here at Glowies! That New Orleans heat is knocking on our door. Time to cool off and find inspiration in some summery themes and fashion.

In warm weather, we celebrate the ocean and all things mermaid! See some of the glowing jewelry and art I have created in these themes:

Glowies Mermaids

Glowies Turtles

Glowies Ocean

Glowies Seahorse

Glowies Octopus

Glowies Seashells

I would like to welcome everyone and let you know I have been super busy on social media. I used to update more regularly here but it is not seen as much as my page at

I post daily on social media and if you use it I invite you to follow me and see all the inspiration and creative content I post, and all my Glowies promotions. Thanks a bunch for following my journey!

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