How to Follow my Facebook Glowies Page February 19 2021

Here is how to follow my page

Sometimes Facebook resets your page follow settings, so it is important to check them and make sure they are set correctly so you get my posts in your feed, especially for the giveaways! Here are some graphics and three easy steps to do this.

1) Make sure you are following the page. Tap the three little dots on the right. This will open a menu (the graphic in step 2 is the menu).

2) Tap the word "Following." This actually opens the settings.

 3) Make sure you check "Get Notifications" and that there is a blue check there. Then select "Favorites" on the left. Make sure your settings are saved and you and good to go!


I check my own settings a lot to see posts. And remember to click like on posts you see and also leaving a comment three words or more will help the algorithm know you want to see content from this page. There is so much to see on Facebook these days it is easy to miss things you want to see. I hope this helps and thank you for supporting my Glowies! See you at 😊